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Fall 2015: Building Safe, Supportive and Restorative School Communities in New York City, Vol. III


Fall 2014: The Disappearance of Black and Latino/a Educators

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Fall 2013: Building Safe, Supportive and Restorative School Communities in New York City, Vol. II


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Schools Are Us


Democracy only works if you use it

"Schools Are Us" is an instructional guide and grassroots organizing tool from Teachers Unite about the power that parents, students, and educators have to make change in their schools.

Created in collaboration with CUP and designer Silas Munro, this issue of Making Policy Public includes a fold-out poster that lays out the different levels of decision makers who govern NYC’s schools.

Schools and organizations across the city are using Schools Are Us to map out organizing strategies and engage school stakeholders in political education about school governance structures.

Finally we have a simple visual to explain the complexity of the NYC school governance system! Our public education system is opaque, complex and intimidating for many parents. This incredible tool breaks down the system into manageable pieces so that more parents are empowered to get involved.
-Shino Tanikawa, CEC 2 President

"This is the guide for parents to demystify the governance structure of the DOE, the largest school district in the U.S. For a parent to interact with and understand the governance structure [of the DOE] they need easy access. This is that entry point... This poster is it!"
-Rob Bowen, educational activist

You can see the whole guide here.
To request hard copies for your school or organization, write to sally [at] teachers unite [dot] net.

In addition to the guide, Teachers Unite has developed complementary tools and resources, including:

  • A BINGO game (attached below) about School Leadership Teams, Comprehensive Education Plans, and NYC school system history. The answers to all the questions (plus a description of Presidents Councils, the Chancellor’s job description, and more) can be found in the guide
  • Workshops tailored to your school or organization about the guide, the power of SLTs, and more. For more information, write to sally [at] teachers unite [dot] net.
  • Your Schools, Your Voice a report by Teachers Unite and the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center about the impact of Mayoral Control on community participation in schools.