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Aug 17

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Join Teachers Unite members in sharing skills and strategies for growing Restorative and Transformative Justice and building inclusive, democratic NYC schools in collaboration with youth and parents.

Thursdays, 3-5pm
City-As School High School
16 Clarkson Street in Manhattan

RSVP to any and all you can attend.
All are welcome!

7/14: Restorative Justice in Middle School

7/21: Power, Privilege, and Circle-Keeping

7/28: Talking Through Dilemmas in RJ

8/4: Special Ed & School Pushout

8/11: NEW DATE: Restorative Justice in Elementary Ed

8/18: NEW DATE: Trauma and its impact on students and educators

8/25: Best Practices in Mediation

9/1: Organizing for School Integration

Jul 19

Anne Looser and Megan Moskop are organizing a book club for this summer,
a joint venture for Teachers Unite and MORE members!

We're reading and discussing Police in the Hallways: Discipline in an Urban High School by Kathleen Nolan

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  • We'll meet at noon on July 20th at Megan's apartment (614 W. 138th St).
  • For this first meeting, we'll discuss the Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.

Email Megan to let her know you're coming:


Teachers Unite Spring Happy Hour

Teachers Unite at the NYCoRE Conference

Join Teachers Unite members at our NYCoRE Conference Workshop!

Saturday, March 19, 2016 at the James Baldwin School
351 West 18th Street in Manhattan
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TU's workshop is from 2-3:30 pm in Room 320:

Not Just a Suspension Alternative: The Roots of Restorative Justice in Schools
Teachers Unite members will share ideas and practices learned in our ITAG: Not Just a Suspension Alternative: Tracing the Cultural and Philosophical Roots of Restorative Justice. This winter, our ITAG examined a different text each week, tracing the history and philosophy of RJ in order to ground participants in the theory and particular contexts behind the often challenging practices schools are trying out. Through focusing on the political and cultural roots of restorative justice, we hope to deepen and ground our understanding of our own practice in schools as well as city-wide and national advocacy for RJ in schools.

See the whole schedule for the day here.

And come by the TU Table to say hello throughout the day & pick up resources!

March Restorative Justice Meetups in the Bronx & Manhattan

Join a conversation with educators, students, and parents (all are welcome!) about implementing Restorative Justice in NYC schools. Bring questions & challenges to share and discuss from your work growing RJ at your schools!

Thursday, March 10th in the Bronx:

Cornerstone Academy for Social Action (CASA) Middle School
5:00 to 6:30pm
3441 Steenwick Ave.
5 to Eastchester Dyre Ave.

There will be pizza. Flyer here.

Thursday, March 17th in Manhattan

The James Baldwin School
4:30 to 6pm
351 W. 18th Street
L/A/C/E/2/3 to14th Street / 8th Ave.

There will be pizza. Flyer here.

Mayor Allocates $$$ For School Climate: Let's Do This Right!

What do YOU want to tell the Mayor about Investing in Schools, Not Police?
Share your thoughts in our brief survey here:

TU members and our partners in the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) have spent over a decade in the movement against zero tolerance, metal detectors, and increased policing in schools.

In his preliminary budget released in January, Mayor de Blasio proposed nearly $45 million for positive school safety resources. When it comes to the criminalization of students, the political tide is turning thanks to committed, grassroots organizing.

But shouldn't this money go to... schools?


Schools have long been asking for the capacity to hire a Restorative Justice Coordinator on staff to support student and family leadership, professional development, and community involvement. These are key to sustainable and meaningful positive shifts in school culture.

However, 88% of the school climate package funds a piecemeal continuation of professional development training by unaccountable private vendors rather than going to schools through a coordinated plan.

Our members know too well how ineffective programs can be when run by those disconnected from a school 's community. The assumption that those outside of public schools are educational "experts" has given rise to a host of destructive reforms. With this in mind, Teachers Unite members and DSC-NY provided the Mayor and Chancellor with a blueprint for successfully supporting Restorative Justice in schools from the bottom up.

As we state in our video message, Restorative Justice is not a trendy new buzzword or a policy mandate from above. It is a reflective, cultural shift that takes years for schools to learn. Let's invest in our public schools by respecting their choices for how to best shift school climate.

What if the mayor's budget allocated $20 million to school site staffing, youth and parent leadership, as well as professional development and coordination? We demand that the mayor's budget do this right and kickstart something inspiring, something that lasts.

What do YOU want to tell the Mayor about Investing in Schools, Not Police?
Share your thoughts in our brief survey here:

Make Your Voice Heard! Join Teachers Unite and DSC-NY at the Education Budget Hearing on Wednesday, March 16th. For more info, write to info [at] teachersunite [dot] net.

Join us at the launch of the Urban Education & Teacher Unionism Policy Project!

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