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Teachers Unite members organize public school educators across the city to work with students and parents to create schools that are restorative, inclusive, and democratic.

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Through school partnerships and peer-to-peer professional development opportunities, members build community, grow their skill set, and share organizing tools and strategies for shifting school climate.
Your membership gives you access to our Growing Fairness toolkit as well as monthly members-only bulletins with exciting opportunities for educators.


Through our participation in city-wide and national coalitions, TU members stand with students, parents, and advocates calling for policy changes to end racist disciplinary practices and investment in resources to make public schools safe spaces that respect the dignity of all students.


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There are three membership types:

  • NYC Educators who are members of a labor union
  • Allies like Parents, Principals, Educators in non-union settings, Community members, Supporters from outside NYC
  • Students

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Dues are recommended based on your income. Choose the amount that feels right for you. The suggested fee schedule for educators and allies is:
- $5 monthly/$60 annually if your income is below $50,000
- $10 monthly/$120 annually if your income is between $50,000 and $80,000
- $15 monthly/$180 annually if your income is above $80,000.

The suggested fee schedule for Student Dues is:
- $0 for K-12 students
- $1 monthly or $12 annually for college
- $2 monthly or $24 annually for graduate students.

In addition to paying dues, members agree to Teachers Unite's Principles of Unity:

  • We believe in collaborative leadership and grassroots democracy. We build this democracy through the use of restorative practices in schools, which embodies and models this form of organizing.
  • We work in alliance with youth and parents to build this democracy in our schools. We use restorative justice to build those alliances.
  • We are part of a movement to abolish the prison industrial complex (PIC) and challenge “the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.” (Critical Resistance) We resist the PICby promoting belief in, and practice of, transformative justice as well as advocating for systemic change of how public schools contribute to the PIC.
  • We see structural racism and capitalism as the core of the problems in public education. We recognize restorative justice as a historical tradition of resistance developed by communities of color – from undocumented immigrants to First Nations. We chose to use restorative justice to honor this tradition and build from this long-standing history.
  • We believe that the NYC public education system should be democratic and reflect the communities it serves. We see the NYC DOE, and the UFT as being the major systemic institutions at play in our education system.
  • We believe in popular control of schools. Because we believe that public schools should be funded entirely by the public, governed by the public and accountable to the public.

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