Summer Workshops!

8/2: Community Building Circles for Elementary Educators

Led by Miranda Selbst, this ninety-minute interactive session will teach you the basics of Community Building Circles, how to create PBIS-style Community Agreements, how to choose a developmentally-appropriate low/medium/high risk Circle prompt, and what do to when students don't follow Community Agreements. We'll also play some fun Community Building games that work well in the Circle format. You will receive all the materials you need to get started with Circle building.

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8/9: School Leadership team: shared decision making for organizing positive school culture

This workshop is for all school stakeholders. Despite mayoral control, decisions about your school can be made by students, parents, educators that make up a school community. SLTs are easy to access and impact, and they can demand that resources be allocated to shift a school’s disciplinary culture. You can and should do more than sign off on the Principal’s CEP, find out how!

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8/16: Getting Smart About How to Make Schools Trans and Gender Non-Binary Affirmative

This youth-led workshop is intended for folks interested in discussing how to create trans and gender non-binary affirmative schools. The workshop will provide educators, community members, and students an opportunity to engage in an open dialogue about school push out for the trans and gender non-binary youth community and how we can positively shift school culture.

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