Peer-to-Peer Development

Peer-to-Peer Professional Development

We support grassroots leadership and transformative justice in schools through radical, peer-to-peer professional development workshops with all school stakeholders. Professional development workshops are often planned in our school partnerships, and we also lead workshops, meetups, and exchanges at schools and organizations around the city that are open to all. This is how we build our base of educator members committed to working with young people and parents for social justice.

Check our News + Events blogroll on our home page to learn about upcoming events, or request to join our listserve by emailing info [at] teachersunite [dot] net!

Educators participate in a summer 2015 peer exchange about "Tier 2" restorative justice practices

Using our educator-developed resources such as Growing Fairness, Schools Are Us, and Teachers Talk, TU members have led workshops on the following topics (and more!):

  • the historical and political context of restorative justice,
  • talking about race and racism with students and school staff
  • navigating the bureaucracy and changing infrastructure in your school,
  • creating buy-in for restorative practices and alternatives to suspension with all school stakeholders,
  • developing core values for your school,
  • leading community-building circles and activities,
  • restorative justice curriculum building
  • academic uses of circles
  • "Tier 2" (harm and healing) restorative practices
  • restorative justice deaning
  • fairness committees
  • restorative justice and special education
  • screening of Growing Fairness and discussion using our Screening Guide,
  • reviewing the Growing Fairness online toolkit in groups,
  • and how to get involved in the Dignity in Schools Campaign and Teachers Unite.

Our workshops:

  • Provide practical skills and encourage sustainability
  • Build collaborative leadership and decision-making in schools
  • Engage school community members in school-based and system-wide alliance building.

We believe in defending public education, building union power, supporting collaborative leadership in schools, and sustaining our capacity. For these reasons, we will only provide workshops for...

  • 1) a unionized school where at least 2-5 educators are participating
  • AND/OR

  • 2) a group of educators, parents, and/or young people from public school communities engaged in resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex and the School-to-Prison Pipeline.