Education Budget Hearing


What should NYC be spending on #RestorativeJustice?

What do YOU want to tell the Mayor about Investing in #SchoolsNotPolice?

Join Teachers Unite & the Dignity in Schools Campaign-New York at the

City Council Education Budget Hearing

Wednesday, March 16th

City Hall, Lower Manhattan

Public Testimony Starting at 1pm

***Note! There will be NO press conference***

Join students, parents, and educators in calling for greater investment and sustainable funding for:

  • Restorative Justice Coordinators on staff at schools
  • Student and Parent Training and Leadership
  • District-Wide Coordination
  • Professional Development


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What do YOU want to tell the Mayor about Investing in Schools, Not Police?
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Restorative Justice is not a trendy new buzzword or a policy mandate from above. It is a reflective, cultural shift that takes years for schools to fully integrate. Let's invest in our public schools by respecting their choices for how to best shift school climate. What if the mayor's budget allocated $20 million to school site staffing, youth and parent leadership, as well as professional development and coordination? We demand that the mayor's budget do this right and kickstart something inspiring, something that lasts.

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March 16th, 2016 12:30 PM